3D Printed Fitted Head Dress

A detailed head scan is used to create a perfect fit

Brazillian Carnaval Style Head Gear

This Carnaval style head gear is perfectly fitted, 3D printed, and it glows in the dark!

3D printed Face Cage

A 3D scanned head is used to create this perfect fit.

Leather Journal Cover with Pen Loop

This hand sewn leather journal cover features a pair of pen loops that serve two purposes; keeping the journal closed and holding the pen.

3D printed Mohawk

This Mohawk is custom fitted for all day comfort, and it’s super strong for mounting accessories.

Wind Powered Random Number Generator

This 3D printed arduino random number generator uses a wind turbine for random seeds. A true random number generator!


This rubber band powered race boat won the first Maker Faire Moat Boat Battle Paddle.

Sticker Bomb Laptop

There’s sticker bombing, and then there’s this MOAB.

Pocket Phone Stand

A custom friction fitted slim phone stand that fits in your pocket and is infinitely adjustable.

3D printed face strap

A 3D head scan ensures comfortable perfect fit.

Tabletop Ebb&Flow

Bringing the popular Ebb and Flow hydroponics technique to the desktop. YouTube video instruction